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VENUE CHANGE !!!!! This weekend is NOW at the BRISBANE CONVENTION CENTRE - click below for all the details. VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! VENUE CHANGE !!!!! 

The Freedom Summits are BACK with a VERY cool line up of AWESOME & NEW Guest Speakers - So do yourself a favour and come along and see what all the fuss its about - We will all be there for sure !!

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Truthology is a TRUTH and AWARENESS information hub, designed by us for our members to research and study all of the truth topics that we have collated from all over the web, and through our combined studying over the past 10 years...It contains all the information that you are  not supposed to see or learn!!


The Truthology Foundation is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit (N-F-P), non-government organisation (NGO).  We are a truth and awareness site, and a service provider that helps the people. We donate to and support various charities and worthwhile groups locally and internationally.